Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kittens and Rainbows and _____

I have some friends who are not big fans of Cards Against Humanity, so I threw together a game of the same type based on things that are adorable and cuddly. Since it's a riff on some existing games I don't intend to go any farther with it in terms of publishing, but I thought I'd put it up here for print-and-play purposes. Print out the "cute things" cards on one color of cardstock, and the "quotes" cards on another color (pick cute colors, like pink and lavender).

The game plays basically like Cards Against Humanity or Apples To Apples. Each player gets a hand of 7 cute things cards. On your turn, flip over the top quote card, which gives a heartwarming or inspirational quote with a blank in it. Each other player selects a card from their hand that they think best fills in the blank in the quote and hands it, face down, to the player whose turn it is. Note that some quotes have two blanks, but players still only hand in one card, because those blanks should both be filled in with the same word -- e.g. "When life gives you [puppies], make [puppy]-ade." Each other player then draws a cute thing card to refill their hand. The player whose turn it is shuffles the cards they were handed, then turns them over one by one, reading out the quote with that card filled into the blank. The player should be generous about grammar, adjusting plurals and tenses, etc, as needed to make the quote flow nicely. The player whose turn it is then chooses, on whatever basis they like, the cute thing that they think best completes the quote. The player who had put that card in takes the quote card as a scoring token, and the cute things cards are placed in the discard. (Alternate "democracy is cuter than dictatorship" rule -- all of the players discuss and vote on which cute thing best completes the quote, with the player whose turn it is casting a tiebreaking vote if necessary.)

Cute things cards

Quote cards

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