Laser Kittens

Laser Kittens is a storytelling game for 3-5 players. In this game you and your friends will take on the role of a litter of tiny kittens being fostered at the Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens -- a big house where orphaned kittens learn to grow up to be awesome cats before they get adopted by their forever home! You'll learn important kitty lessons like how to lay in the sun, how to catch bugs, and most importantly, how to control your laser. Every cat has a laser, and every laser is different. Your laser gives you special powers, like duplicating objects or controlling other animals. If you're not careful, your laser might go off without warning and cause some chaos!

There is no designated GM in this game. Instead, all the players share GM duties by bidding to be "Class Captain" for a scene. As Class Captain, you can decide what your fellow players are up against in each scene. And whenever you like, you can let someone else take over as Class Captain and try out their ideas.
Want to hear how the game plays? Check out our sessions on the Fandible or Party of One podcasts!

To play face to face, you'll need printed copies of the character sheets and house sheet, pencils, and two decks of regular (poker) playing cards. To play online, you'll need an online character keeper and an online card manager like or Roll20.

PDF: Buy Laser Kittens at! or Buy Laser Kittens at DriveThruRPG!
Softcover: Buy Laser Kittens at Indie Press Revolution!

Free downloads:
Setup materials: Character sheets, House sheet, Laser/NPC/class/situation lists

For online play, make a copy of this Google sheet and share it with your players: Character keeper

If you're playing online through, you can load this file to get your deck of cards set up: deck

Free Quickstart scenario: Rats in the Walls
Free Quickstart scenario: Pennsylvania Avenue School for Wayward Kittens

More Kittens

Return to the world of Laser Kittens with all-new scenarios like kittens in space, kittens in ancient Egypt, or kittens investigating mysteries with the world's greatest detective. Or go beyond kittens to play as baby dragons, monsters under the bed, or animals that eat garbage in a selection of clever hacks of the Laser Kittens system. Then get ready to check the polls, film some attack ads, and meow your way through the big debate in the standalone game Mayor Cat!

Check out an actual play of Mayor Cat!
And an actual play of Trash Friends!
This game requires the Laser Kittens core rulebook.

1. Tips and Tricks
A. Playing Kittens Online (Stentor Danielson)
B. Two Kittens (Chey Grimes)
C. Big Classes of Kittens (Heather Brooks)

2. New Kitten Adventures 
A. Cats in Space (Stentor Danielson)
B. Haunted House (Stentor Danielson)
C. Viking Kittens in Greenland (Stentor Danielson)
D. Kittens Down Under (Stentor Danielson)
E. Pr Miu: Kittens in Ancient Egypt (Amr El‑Azizi)
F. Catastrophic Curators: Modern Egypt (Amr El‑Azizi)
G. Athena’s Conservatory for Feline Familiars (Noella Handley)
H. Digging Up Trouble (Alex Acks)
I. Steam Kittens (Alex Acks)
J. Bodega Bootcamp (Justin Joyce)
K. Mahou Neko Nyannyan Panic (Angela Telmos)
L. Tails of Curious Kittens (Kristin Devine)
M. Bright Lights, Star Kitties (Kent Blue)
N. Barn Cat Tales (Cass Reyaield)

3. Beyond Kittens
A. Doggie Wags (Maisha Elonai)
B. Dino Roars (Stentor Danielson)
C. Trash Friends (Stentor Danielson)
D. The Gr8 Escape (Brie Beau Sheldon)
E. Dragon Diplobrats (Alison Tam)
F. Toad on the Loose (James Bojaciuk)
G. Hilda’s House for Monstrous Manners (Liz Chaipraditkul)
H. Shifting Axolotls (Alastor Guzmán)

4. Other Kittens 
A. Micro Kittens (Stentor Danielson)
B. Mayor Cat (Stentor Danielson)

PDF: Buy More Kittens at! or Buy More Kittens at DriveThruRPG!

Free downloads:
For online play of Mayor Cat, make a copy of this Google sheet and share it with your players: Character keeper

If you're playing online through, you can load this file to get your deck of cards set up: deck


Kitten Cards

To enhance your Laser Kittens experience, try out our deck of kitten cards. Each card includes a unique illustration by Dominique Ramsey. This is a complete standard deck that you can also use to play your favorite card games like poker, rummy, or go fish. To play Laser Kittens, you will need two decks.

Buy Kitten Cards at Indie Press Revolution!

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