Sunday, July 12, 2020

More Kittens now available in PDF!

The PDF of More Kittens, a book of expansions and hacks for the Laser Kittens system, is now available on If you missed our Kickstarter last year, you can download it to enjoy a variety of scenarios for Laser Kittens, hacks of the Laser Kittens system to play as baby dragons, octopuses, and more, as well as the stand-alone game Mayor Cat.

What you'll get in More Kittens:
  • Fourteen scenarios to play in Laser Kittens. These include kittens in both ancient and modern Egypt, kittens in space, kittens on a movie set, and kittens solving crimes with the world's greatest detective!
  • Eight games using the Laser Kittens system to go beyond kittens. Play as foster puppies, animals that eat trash, monsters at a finishing school, or axolotls protecting children's dreams!
  • Mayor Cat, the game in which you try to get a cat elected mayor of your city. Film an attack ad, get an important endorsement, and meow your way through the big debate as you try to oust the corrupt and incompetent human mayor.

Buy More Kittens at!