Dice and Toe Beans podcast

Dice and Toe Beans is a roleplaying actual play podcast where we believe that any game can be a game about cats if you believe in yourself.

Dice and Toe Beans is hosted by Stentor Danielson and Kristina Boyd. We showcase one-shot runs of a variety of independently published roleplaying games, modified as necessary to play as cats. We do mostly one and two-player games, but we’re also hoping to bring on a variety of cool guests for games that require three or more players.

If you like what you’ve heard, please subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting service, and consider leaving a five-star rating or review to help others find the show. If you have comments or want to inquire about playing with us, you can contact us at diceandtoebeans@gmail.com or on Twitter @DiceAndToeBeans.

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