Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's the day of the Con, y'all!

Hey there everyone, it's that time of year! Origins Game Fair starts tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio. Origins is personally one of my favorite cons and it will be great to get to see so many awesome faces. Here's what we'll be up to this weekend.

Stentor will be running games at Games on Demand. 

Thursday, 6/4 - 9am-1pm
Friday, 6/5 - 9am-1pm
Saturday, 6/6 - 9am-1pm

Here's a peak at what he will offer on his menu:

Laser Kittens: Tales from Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens! We are finally bringing GC's first RPG to Origins. 

And Dread: Dinosaur Edition!

Both are awesome games and I can't wait to hear about how things go.

As for me, I will be manning the IGDN booth (#520) in the afternoons and running demos from 4-6.

If you do see me at the booth or around in general, and would like to see a sneak peak at our newest title, The Fool's Journey, ask! We've created a fun parlor storytelling game that uses Tarot Cards to shape the story! We're really excited about this one and it will be available come Gen Con.

I am also running 3 games of Growling Door Games' newest title, Chill - Third Edition!

Thursday, 6/4 - 10am-2pm
Friday, 6/5 - 10am-2pm
Saturday, 6/6 - 10am-2pm

Can't wait to see y'all there!


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