Friday, June 12, 2015

Chey's Origins Roundup

So, Origins 2015 did not go according to plan.

I had been booked to run 3 games of Growling Door Games' Chill - 3rd Edition. Thursday morning came and I got to run that morning's game - which went well. There were only 3 players so it went by pretty fast. The characters were able to get almost all of the clues available to them, met one NPC a day earlier than expected - they were supposed to find dead the next afternoon. They ended up saving a total of 4 NPC's that could have died and ended up intercepting the creature. AND there was a most wonderful quote of the con:

Me: You find dead bees all over the back yard.
Player: Do they appear to have been strangled??

The rest of the day consisted of demoing for Glittercats and then an IGDN dinner, which by the end of I had completely lost my voice.

Friday consisted of me having to back out of my Chill game,  going to Urgent Care (I ended up with an infection in my throat that would have taken my voice no matter what I was doing), getting meds and sleeping a lot. We did manage to get a small group together in the Big Bar on 2 to play Writey Drawey, a favorite game of mine in which you really don't need to talk.

Saturday, my husband Chris and I wandered the dealer's hall and made a few purchases. He bought me King of New York, which I've been eyeing since it was released. We also picked up Exploding Cows and Pairs, since everyone always needs more party games. Chris also picked up Cosmic Patrol since he would really like to play more games where you roll D20's.

I did also pop in the see a bit of the morning session of Laser Kittens that Stentor ran and it made my heart grow 3 sizes.

That evening, I had just enough of a voice coming back to be able to head to Games on Demand and get to play The Warren. Our story was set in a major city park similar to Central Park and it was a great time. I ended up playing a matronly bunny who was change adverse. It was a great time and just what I needed.

Sunday, I finally got to work the booth some more and get to hug a lot of people that I enjoy seeing at cons.

Overall, it was still a really good con. I got to see our first RPG being enjoyed by several players and makes me really happy the Laser Kittens is going over so well. I can't wait to get to run it myself at Gen Con.

Also, I really want to come up with a story telling game in which no one talks. I missed out on lots of opportunity to game at the con and so I kinda want to be proactive and make a game myself.

All in all, a good con that makes me super excited for Gen Con.

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