Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Looking for writers for More Kittens (paid gig)

Glittercats Fine Amusements is planning a February Kickstarter for "More Kittens," an expansion book for the Laser Kittens RPG, and we're hoping you will contribute!

More Kittens will feature a variety of material making use of the core mechanics from Laser Kittens:
- New Laser Kittens settings: We've published settings for kittens in the White House, kittens in space, and kittens in a haunted house, but there are so many more places where kittens could have adventures.

- No Kittens? No Problem! The Laser Kittens system can easily be hacked to play a variety of other sorts of characters. How about baby dinosaurs learning to roar? Or a misfit gang of possums, bears, and ibises finding treasure in human trash?

To express interest or pitch your idea, email Pay depends on the scope and complexity of your work, but we're committed to making sure you are compensated well. Folks who are new to RPG writing are especially welcomed to get in touch!

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