Monday, January 27, 2014

First draft: Bunny Money Gunny

A month or so ago, my friend Kayla posted a picture of her friend's rabbit along with some cash and a handgun -- somewhat in the style of Ca$hcats. I replied with the phrase "BUNNY MONEY GUNNY." It stuck in my head, until I decided it needed to become a game.

My initial concept was that this needed to be a simple game, with as few pieces as possible. I didn't want to get into the complications (and potential offensive missteps) of a game with an elaborate "thug bunny" theme -- just keep it focused on the amusing juxtaposition of those three words.

The result so far is a game with 12 cards (4 identical sets of 3), 15 meeples, and 15 point tokens. Players simultaneously reveal cards to place meeples in line next to the Bunny, Money, and Gunny cards on the playing area, and to move those cards around. They strategically use the powers of the Bunny and Gunny cards to move meeples around in order to claim points from the Money card. The meeples-in-a-line mechanic was inspired by The Speicherstadt (an underappreciated game), but the overall feel of Bunny Money Gunny is a quick stab-in-the back game rather than a heavy resource management euro.

The game has only been playtested twice, so it's still in the early stages. But here is the draft, for your consideration:

Bunny Money Gunny

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