Who's Your Heavenly Father?

In Who's Your Heavenly Father, players try to figure out which of ten facetious deities is the One True God, and then become virtuous in His eyes.

If the One True God is The Holy Algorithm, you'll want to pursue Justice above all else, perhaps by sticking to your newspaper's style guide even when the country is threatened by space aliens with strong opinions on the Oxford comma. But if the universe is ruled by God Galt, you'll need to be selfish. Maybe now you would reveal the local superhero's secret identity in exchange for a big pile of cash.

When Judgment Day rolls around, you'll find out who the One True God really was, and face His judgment. The most virtuous player will find themselves invited to the best seat in Heaven.

Download a print-and-play version of Who's Your Heavenly Father! In addition to the print-and-play files, you'll need a small envelope that can hold a single card, and a token to mark whose turn it is.

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